Today was such a day that changed me in such a positive way. Yesterday, I was stressing over today and being the first leader of the Glimpsers and hoping not to mess up or forget to bring the dishes for the food. Before today i was really quiet around most of the group and didn’t talk much to everyone but having to make sure that everyone greets the servers, to say thank you to the bus driver, doing head counts and telling people to drink water numerous parts of the days to make sure everyone was hydrated. After today I can say that I can talk to everyone in the group and that I am able to lead a group and to be outgoing.

Also, today was the first day that we taught the students english and it was an experience that I did not expect was going to happen. Being able to teach the 15-20 year olds words in english and sentences and seeing their face expressions and seeing them repeat the words to themselves was such a great feeling to have. It makes me feel blessed to be able to speak English and Spanish because these kids are so determined to learn English. Something that really had me in awe was when me and my fellow glimpsers introduced ourselves to our students and they were asking us questions using Google Translate. They were trying their best to pronounce the words correct and as best as they were able to and it made me feel so excited to be able to teach them new things that i know and things that they can cherish. It was barely our first day and I already know that teaching them will be an experience that I will forever keep and cherish. All in all, this trip has been impacting me so much and the fact that it’s only the 4th day is mind blowing because it honestly feels as if we have been here for a month now.