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The theme of the day was “Aid and Development”. This consisted of field trips to a local Non Government Organization called Mujeres Ambientalistas, learning about the Peace Corps, and developing and teaching English classes to residents of Esteli. After an energetic breakfast, the group traveled to the office of the Mujeres Ambientalistas, where they discovered the wonderful works of 7 women who give back to their community through efforts to preserve the environment and empower women by providing them with jobs. This organization allows these women to generate product from recycled materials that they use to create a clean and fun area for children of the community, as well as to sell and make profit from some of the product.

The students then had a presentation by the organization of Mujeres Usando Pantalones, that informed them on their work and purpose, as well as the role they wish to play in the Community Action Project that the Glimpsers are in charge of performing. Mujeres Usando Pantalones is an organization that focuses on helping families build gardens in their homes, as well as providing them with an irrigation system that will sustain that garden, to attempt to better integrate vegetables into the diet of the locals, and increase the communities overall health.

For the Community Action Project the students need to complete, with the help of the two organizations Mujeres Ambientalistas and Mujeres Usando Pantalones, they will renovate, build, and beautify a garden space on their property.

After learning about the upcoming CAP the students will be executing, they went to a presentation by two Peace Corp representatives that educated and informed the students about what the Peace Corp does and why it is important. The meeting was very enlightening and went hand-in-hand with the theme of Aid and Development. Soon after this presentation, the students continued with a CAP seminar where they worked out all the details of said project.

After much progress, the group went back to prepare their lecture lesson plans, and too soon had to leave to start their first English class. The classes consisted of 7 different groups, teaching 7 different ages groups and English speaking levels. Though every Glimpser was nervous about their performance, every student had a positive experience and shared it during one of our many “sharing circles”.

Dinner consisted of the ever popular Gallo Pinto and included laughing and sharing of our teacher experiences. Though the day was long, the Glimpsers were energized and attentive for the nightly meeting, which was smooth and productive. Preparing for the long awaited “Free Day”, the Glimpsers went to their rooms to relax and socialize to end the night. Sadly, the dance battle between Jeff and Felipe had to be postponed, so all the students went to bed slightly disappointed.

No worries, all will be forgotten when everyone gets to relax and have fun during tomorrows’ “Free Day” in the beautiful City of Murals.