July 6, 2014

Aid and development day! This is the first day of our CAP project, which is the community service project we will be doing.Today we woke up to a fresh start. Having had a decent amount of sleep we were prepared for the day ahead of us. We walked to the Comedor to enjoy a breakfast of  gallo pinto, omelettes, bread rolls, and mango, and an oatmeal cinnamon drink. After breakfast we walked back to the hostal to prepare for the day head of us. After arriving we participated in two seminars led by our coordinators. The first seminar was about aid and development. We were given two different articles: one about Pro-Aid and the other about Anti- Aid. The two articles showed that aid comes in many different ways and should be revised before put into process. This is because you never know how your help can effect the local business and the community. After the first seminar we had a couple energizers to prepare ourselves for the next seminar. The second seminar was the first discussion for our CAP project. We went over questions to ask the beneficiary and other things we would need for the project.

After all of that we walked to an elderly home called El Asilo. This is the actual place were we will be doing our CAP project. When we got there we first listened to one of the Nuns running the place tell us what is the situation at the elderly home and what they believe needs to be done. For example they would like to have a sustainable food supply that they can rely on, due to the lack of funding. After we listened to the talk we went around the building to actually look at what needed to be done. First we went around and met many of the elderly men and women staying there. After that we went out to the backyard to look at what needs to be done. We went to the chicken coop that they have some problems with and also looked at an empty swimming pool. While at the chicken coup a few of us went inside to catch some of the chicks that were running around.

We then walked back to the hostal to have our free time. During our free time many of us went of to call our family/friends at the Cyber Cafe and also to go to the supermarket.  When our free time fished we walked to the Comedor to enjoy our dinner, which consisted of gallo pinto, avocado, and meat . After dinner we walked back to the hostal and had another seminar which was on a dollar a day, which will be held tomorrow. After the seminar we had our nightly meeting. During the nightly meeting Garith passed on the title of ELDD to Vanessa and Nick.