Hola las familias of Glimpsers! Today we all focused on aid and development. We first visited an organization called Mujeres Ambientalistas. There we learned how to make recycled paper out of organic materials, such as bananas and onions, and visited the garden that we will be rebuilding for our first Community Action Project (CAP). This organization turned a trash dump into a garden and recycled paper-making facility for the community and has really contributed a lot to it. The woman in the picture above, one of the founders of the organization, has been happily and willingly contributing to the community for the past 23 years, so its great that there are people like her aiding this community and improving it for the better of all. We also began our first English tutoring lesson with really engaged and enthusiastic students, ranging from ages 13 to 37. We had a little change of plans because there were less students than expected, but we were able to all come together and come up with a plan spontaneously. Being El Lider Del Dia today was an enriching and valuable experience that will really benefit my future. It was a little stressful at times because of the plan changes and the hot weather, but everybody was great and really supportive even when they were exhausted themselves. I’m really thankful for that and I can’t wait for more great experiences in the coming weeks.