Feliz Lunes! Today was an important day for all of us because we started the process of how we can help the local community. We started our day off with breakfast (of course), and then our seminar which was an introduction to our Community Action Project (CAP) journey.

Then we took a safari, where we listened to music and observed the local city. When we got off the safari we headed to Plan Yaque, which is a nonprofit organization. During the meeting, our partners working on the project with us explained our action plan. The action plan consists of planting plants to cover the walls of a school to help with the noise of outside traffic as it causes a disruption. Also, preventing waste around the school by providing trash cans, and cleaning up. After our meeting, we headed to the school where we looked at what we had to do in order to accomplish this plan. There we had 2 speakers who talked about the school itself and the community we will be working with.

After this amazing experience, we headed back to the hostel where we had free time, dinner, and a nightly meeting. Overall this day was very informative and educational. Our group also utilized free time to play games, and overall connect with each other

Overall 10/10 day!!