Family, friends, fellow glimpsers, it’s Alina, one of the Global Glimpse students here visiting Leon and also la primera Lider del Dia. Today was filled with many unforgettable memories as we went on many adventures. We started off the day by an early wake up call at 6am. Our focus on today was aid and development with Non-profits. During our Aid & Development Seminar, we were split into two groups and were given two articles; one that was Pro-Aid and the other that was Anti-Aid. This seminar taught us a lot about the guidelines we should follow in order to fully benefit a Non-profit and assure our project will have a long-term affect on the organization.


At 9am, we took a field trip to The Special Education Center. Here the Vice Principal gave us a tour of the school. The Special Education Center is a school for students with disabilities including students who are blind, deaf, have brain paralysis, etc.


At the end of the tour of the school, we sat down and asked the Vice Principal, Profesora Blanca, questions about the school. We asked questions to get information of The Special Education Center. It was interesting to learn about how the school came to be and also what still could be done to benefit the school. Profesora Blanca did mention how the students there appreciate the small things like giving them hugs, playing with them, and just being there with them.


After our field trip, we went back to the hostal and learned about the projects The Partnership Hamburg-Leon have worked on as well as current projects they are working on. Milena Cruz, a representative from this organization was our guest speaker. She explained the importance of these projects and the process it takes to actually start them. She shared with us how it is getting harder to start projects since it must be approved by many people before they even start the project.


*from left to right* Tamika, Katherine, Alice, Alondra, Margaret, and Sarry all enjoying the rain as the water falls on their hands

IMG_20160701_151208                    IMG_20160701_151306







After lunch, we had some free time so a few of us went to the Supermarket here in Leon. It was very exciting to see all the varieties of food and of course the air conditioning. None of us had felt air conditioning so we were all really excited. I remember Oscar turning to me as we walked in and saying, “Oh my god it smells like Lucky’s ahhh!” It was a lot of fun and the snacks we bought were so good.


Today, we started working on our first Lesson Plan for English Tutoring. We all had to work together and discuss exactly what we were going to teach the students on our first day of class which is Monday! *this particular group of students will be teaching the Beginners, including me, since they are all Spanish Speakers themselves, because Beginners need more help with simple English words, we could explain in Spanish the activities and assignments*

Thank you for taking the time to read about today. We love hearing the comments you all leave for us, Denise, our GG Leadership Coach, reads them to us every night during the Nightly Meetings. Tomorrow, Marcelo will be the next El Lider del Dia!!