Hola chicos y chicas,

Today was the first day with students as Líderes del día! We are feeling proud and accomplished. After breakfast, we headed towards the forest for our day one CAP (Community Action Project) discovery project.  Dripping in sweat, we hiked out into a beautiful forest accompanied by the sounds of howler monkeys, birds, cows, bees, crickets (you get the idea).. It was hot, and we sweat a lot, but it was for a good purpose.  We met Ann, Virgil and Ruth from Fundacion Pro Eco Azuero who are working to restore and expand the forest habitat.  We met several local Panamanian land owners and ranchers who are working with the foundation to reforest their land.

We raced back for English tutoring, ate lunch quickly, dressed in our nicest outfits, and then found out that it was canceled due to fumigation.

We had some free time to explore the supermarket, a coffee shop, and their local bakery. We had time to get together and connect playing charades and other group games.

We are so glad to be here.  We are growing and making a change.

After dinner we had deep conversations about social and environmental problems and how us teenagers can solve these big problems.

All for now!

¡Hasta Mañana!

Ana & Michelle