Hola to our fellow readers of our blog regarding our experience in the city of Jinotega. Since today was our Aid and Development Day, we had two guest speakers in the morning and afternoon. The speakers in the morning were from the Peace Corps, whose mission is to provide aid to developing countries, such as Nicaragua and others. Their names were Paul and Mijya and they provided us with very helpful insight on the objectives of the Peace Corps and how they can help the areas around them. After they had presented their information with us, we were scheduled to walk over to Club Infantil, another organization who provided aid to other countries, but unfortuantely they were not able to present us with their knowledge of aid and development. But we had a mysterious speaker, our GG coordinator Julia, who shared her personal story of how she was able to give aid and help develop plenty of countries from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and others. I feel the stories and statistics being shared amongst the Glimpsers impacted us and allowed us to see the alarming amount of aid given between Nicaragua and the United States and the uses of the monetary funds. As Glimpsers we are now informed of the knowledge to help and we can utilize the wisdom to make a change one step at a time for the group.

Also, we were able to celebrate el dia de independencia, 4th of July, for the United States through a BBQ as our lunch, which consisted of excellent meat, tomato and onion salad, homeade tortillas, and amazing sausages. Everybody absolutely loved the idea of having a barbeque and we were able to eat, chat, watch the World Cup match, and become closer as a family. Everything was going perfect and we were all happy as a group after planning for our English tutoring. We would like to thank the hostel staff for the amazing food and for their generous hospitality towards our family.

As mentioned in the previous post, our fellow Glimpsers went to a primary school in order to teach English to young children. In the evening, after having an amazing, and traditional Nicaraguan dinner of nacatamales, we went to the school to give our second tutoring lesson. Everybody reported back during the nightly meeting that tutoring went perfectly and the young children behaved very well and listened attentively to our young, mature teachers. We were extremely proud of how we as young leaders and new teachers were able to adapt to the errors of our first tutoring session and perfect them to better ourselves for the second session. When we had arrived at the hostel from the primary school, we had commenced the activites for tomorrow, Living on a Dollar a Day, with no lights and using candles. We were realizing that we were all growing not only as individuals but as a collective family of leaders.

As El Lider Del Dia, I did have a very hectic day, even though we did not leave the hostel for majority of the day, because we had plenty of changes in the schedule in order for it to run smoothly. I feel the most surprising part of the day was the sudden changes and the impact of the speakers’ stories and ambitions for their organization or life. As being the leader of the day, it felt challenging, having to adapt to the changes throughout the day. Even though it was tiring towards the evening, it was an interesting and extremely enriching process of building my skills for future opportunities of leadership. It was truly enriching to see everyone having a postive outlook on the day and being able to have fun with it. I learned that I do have some mistakes in my leadership but we all do and that is the first step of becoming a leader is not only adaption but also to be able to correct the errors of yourself and making a house with a hammer, a piece of wood, a nail and heart. To everyone who is reading this, we are all having the greatest times of our lives with our brothers and sisters. Great work team and let’s change the world one step at a time.