Today was Aid and Development day! Besides having the chance to lead my colleagues today , we started off the day about learning the pros and cons of American involvement in foreign countries. Although America has good intentions sometimes we wrongly view certain relief items as necessitates. As a result of this it does not help improve the situation in under developed countries. But the pros outweigh the cons in this situation because all of the vaccinations administered. Diseases like tuberculosis, and polio have been treated and prevented all around the world.  After that we went to spend the day with the elderly and children. This was the highlight of my day!! To start off we divided into multiple groups to better entertain them. Some played soccer with the kids who were basically pros, and the kids dropped a couple of people. The girls did the elderly’s hair,  nails , and I really could feel the jovial vibe they emitted. I personally set up the piñata for the kids while the remainder of the my colleagues taught them card tricks and played jump rope.

DSCF0287       DSCF0254

After that we learned about the consistent troubles faced by women in Nicaragua  caused by unnecessary machismo. I also realized the reoccurring pattern that every stronghold we visited it is held together by four females.  Which is really amazing!! After that we went to lunch where the food was extremely satisfying and gets better every time we go there. Followed by that heaven sent meal we returned back to the hostel to watch Dreaming Nicaragua. This movie really reminded me to be grateful for all the things I have, because when I juxtapose my situation with the people from the movie all my  “problems” seemed pointless. After that we had the nightly meeting where I passed the torched to the next leader John Paul. His talent was that he solved a rubix cube in 36 seconds.


Today was a good day.