To begin, we learned about aid and development issues in both Nicaragua and the world. We were questioned about the benefits and problems that come with supplying aid to other countries that are in need of assistance. Moreover, we had several seminars about different programs (such as Raleigh) that deal with aiding communities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and were introduced to the concept of only living on a dollar a day.

Furthermore, we visited the rural and dusty area of  La Goyena. We toured the school there and were given the opportunity to question the community about issues the people of La Goyena face on a daily basis. It was eye-opening see that the people don’t have things essential things like drinkable water. However it was amazing to see that education is prioritized and that the community  is fighting to improve and keep it.

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Next, we prepared our lesson plans to tutor our English students for their second lesson. After our tutoring sessions we finished the day by celebrating Victoria’s Birthday with cake, a piñata and music. Overall, today we were challenged to become more erudite and competent young adults/global citizens. Because we are not faced with the challenges that nearly a quarter of the world does, it is important to be exposed and aware of them.