I was the leader of the day today, so I woke everybody up at 6 for a quick yoga session on the roof!

Everyone said they felt refreshed afterwards and we headed on the bus over to a community named Tres Esquinas!  The last leg of the ride was off-road and not unlike the gnarly turbulence we experienced on our plane to Miami. We met with a woman named Belene of Mujeres Usando Pantalones (Women Wear the Pants), a women-led organization for community work. We worked with her and a man named Don Juan in the garden on his farm where he toils daily!


No running water on Don Juan’s farm, so we helped carry creek water up to the irrigation system!



Afterwards, we met up to hear a few people from the Peace Corps present about their volunteer work in other countries and effective forms of humanitarian aid. We learned the specific differences between charity, development, sustainable development, &  social change/justice. We were involved in a couple of really engaging group activities that highlighted the economic status of America and other countries.



(picture about distribution of wealth in America)

We then prepared for our English tutoring lessons tomorrow by grouping up and learning valuable pearls of wisdom from Matt and Helene about teaching!  We’ve only been together for four days, but it’s felt like weeks seeing as how quickly we’ve all bonded with each other!

Thanks for reading and we send our love from Esteli!