Today was bitter sweet. We woke up before the sun (5am) and headed towards the airport in Santiago de los Caballeros, DR. We drove through the mountains one last time singing our favorite jams like Somos Dos by Bomba Estereo ( Some of us also took a snooze. Haha. 

When we arrived at the airport we checked in and said our final goodbyes to Nancy, Katherine, Francis and Sandy. It would be a lie if we said we didn’t shed a tear. This trip wouldn’t have been at all possible without our beloved PCs and we are glad to have met them and shared this journey together. Thank you Katherine and Francis! 



We arrived Stateside in NYC where we went through customs and successfully boarded all 20 of us onto our connecting flight. Pheww! 

We even had some time to play some games and eat some snacks.

Two short hours later, just as the sun was setting, we touched down in Chi-Town. Home sweet home. Here we were welcomed by parents and loved ones, excited to see their wee-ones. 



Although this officially concludes our trip, I leave you with one last “bring it home” advice. 🙂


These last two weeks have been filled with so many memories! My ask as your GGL and fellow human being is that you cherish these forever and whenever you find yourself in one of life’s struggles you reflect back on all of the individuals you met on this trip and how happiness and perseverance was key to living life to it’s fullest. Do not forget to be courageous in the face of opposition, remain committed to your goals and aspirations, and ALWAYS have compassion for one another.

#3Cs  #NoExcuses #NoComplaints #ForeverGrateful #C1C

It was an honor to have experienced this trip with you, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for each and everyone of you. Reunion?

Love always,


PS. Apply to be an ambassador! Applications will be posted on the Global Glimpse FB page soon.