Day 3

It gets better and better as the days pass. The day started with some students waking up early for the gym again and some who went for a run. Then we all met at the dining table for breakfast (corn flakes, fried salchicha/chorizo, eggs with tomato and orange juice). After breakfast we had our Academic Seminar on Education in Nicaragua. Students reviewed educational statistics, examined the differences between the education system in the U.S. and Nicaragua, and the different hardships Nicaraguan students face while pursuing an education.

After our seminar, we had some free time to go buy some goodies at the supermarket, visit a Cyber Cafe, and tour a little more of the city of Leon. We even ran into our other fellow Leon Glimpsers 7/18 group while returning from eating a delicious helado. After our free time, we returned to the hostel to have another delicious lunch: salpicon, rice and beans, watermelon, steamed vegetables and agua de chicha. 

After lunch, students got ready to experience being a Nicaraguan student for the day. Students were dressed in similar Nicaraguan school uniforms and attended two local public schools in Leon. There, students were placed in Algebra, English, Science, and Chemistry class. It was a very rewarding experience to witness and experience the lifestyle of a student in a different country. This experience would only prepare our students to what would come next of our education-themed day.

We returned back to the hostel for some tacos dorados for dinner and prepared for the first English tutoring session. Many were a little nervous to create a lesson plan and teach, but when the time came, they were ready!

The last part of our day consisted of our nightly meeting and the passing of hat to our new ELDD (El Lider del Dia), Casper.  He did an amazing job of taking over the hat and we are all looking forward to his leadership tomorrow. Now, it’s almost time for us all to go to our rooms and lights out so buenas noches amigos!