Greetings friends and family back home. Today was our delegation’s second fun day and as the title suggests, it was a day filled with explosive fun! After three hard days of working on our Community Action Project, today served as a nice chance for us to relax and enjoy our last opportunities to take in the lovely sites of Nicaragua. We began the day by awaking promptly at 6:00am. We boarded the bus to Volca Masaya (near Granada) at around 6:30am and were served a light breakfast of delicious pastries, yogurt, and fruit. It was a long two and a half hour journey which was comprised of napping, singing, and a very well received pee stop. It was certainly a long ride, but it was quite enjoyable taking in the tranquil view of the Nicaraguan countryside.

Once we arrived, we stooped shortly at a museum located at the base of the volcano. It was a simple place filled with beautiful murals, a history of Volca Masaya, and other facts relating to volcanos in Nicaragua and world wide. After spending about 15 minutes at the museum and taking in the beautiful views from nearby, we boarded the bus once more and ventured towards the top of the volcano. It was during this short ascension that we learned that the volcano had once been used as a site the execute political opponents of the Somoza regime. Fun stuff…

We arrived at the peak, and what we saw blew us away. Smoke arose from the crater that natives and Natural Geographic once called the Gates of Hell and although we didn’t actually see any lava, we quickly came to lava this place and it’s breathtaking views. So breathtaking we had to leave after only about 15 minutes to avoid respiratory issues caused by the volcanic gases.

Lunch was a short drive away and for the first time in our trip we got to taste fast food. We stopped at a chicken place called Tip-Top (Nicaraguan KFC) and enjoyed some delicious chicken and fries. Following the appetizing lunch, we headed towards a market in the town of Catarina where we had the chance to pick up any last minute souvenirs. The market was full of colorful shirts, handmade crafts, and an assortment of other unique items (ask your Glimpser for more details).

Our final stop on our second Fun Day was at a lodge called the Monkey Hut. Overlooking the lagoon, we witnessed paradise. The view was surreal. We quickly got changed into our swim gear and dove right in. The water was so incredibly blue and surprisingly, but soothingly, warm. We spent two and a half hours kayaking, swimming, and enjoying our time with one another.

We boarded the bus and again departed for the long bus ride back to the hostel. On the ride, we listened and rocked out to playlists created by our GG coordinator’s husband. As the ride progressed, we got to see a nuance of colors. The sunset and the stars in the clear night sky were awe-inspiring. We arrived at the hostel around 8:40pm to what can only be described as a party. The hostel so kindly threw us a little celebration featuring flashy lights, a lovely nacho bar, and music. We danced and had a great time.

Spending time at the volcano, at the lagoon, and on the bus with each other was a great time and a great way to bond as our time together comes to an end.