Hola a todos,

Morning found us in Quito and ready to begin enjoying this adventure. Today in the morning we got together to have breakfast and talk a bit about how to live this experience and enjoy it to the fullest. We then went for a city taste, it is like a city tour but shorter. Simply a taste of the place and a first approach to Ecuador. We talked about local legends, exotic market fruit and how to change the models of education in society. Not bad for the first hours in this new country (:

We took the long bus ride from the Andes to the coast. We passed through different landscapes, the Equatorial line, sounds of birds and we finally made it to Bahia where a surprise happy birthday cake was waiting for Ceci.

We got to say hello to the Windsor group, played some games in the park to get to know each other better, which was followed by more games in the hostel, and some reflection about our desires and fears when it comes to this experience. Happy and tired, now we are ready to sleep.

More adventures to come tomorrow!