Today we went to Guanito, the community we will be helping with for our CAP (community action project). We met the mothers that would be taking us in and would be showing us their way of life. My mother, Mama Hirma, is part of a religion where weekends are left for relaxing, spending time with family, and going to Church. This meant that we weren’t left to do anything, but we had already bonded and fallen in love so her and her daughter, Yojenny, taught us to cook a traditional Dominican dish. We made fried plantains (shout out to my Plantain Partner!!), moro, arepitas, and chicken. Spending time with them really reminded me of my family and it got really emotional so I cried. We then got to eat lunch with the rest of the community, where I hung out with the kids and made them some cootie catchers while they made me cute little cards. I got really attached to the some of the little girls, and I hope to see them again and give them little surprises. Saying goodbye was really hard, they were so loving and welcoming, I think most of us wanted to stay. Hi to all my family, I doubt they’re reading this but I love and miss you. And hey to DJ^2 I miss ya’ll and can’t wait to see ya’ll again. <3 – Jessica Henriquez


























So basically I did the same thing as Jess, but in my house we had Mama Fasele. She was so welcoming and we helped her with some chores. My heart felt so warm from how loving she was and how satisfied she was with her life, despite it being so different from others. She reminded me that home really is where love is, which in this case, is family. Talking about family, SHOUT OUT TO REAL FAM I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS PROGRAM. Next, shout out to my family, I miss you guys so much!! I love you guys and I will see you soon 🙂 (that’s to you too, b <3). My part of this blog is very different from Jess’, but I swear there is so much I need to tell when I see you guys!! B signing off – Brenda Garcia