We started the day off with having time to write out letters of appreciation to the people who have supported Global Glimpse. We are mostly proud of how each of our peers were persevering and not giving up on their letters. There were lots of times where we were struggling, but we were all helping out each other out and giving each other advice on what we can improve. The letters of appreciation mostly included on how this program has been such an eye-opening experience, and how we are really thankful for the support that we have had at home and during the span of this trip #GrammarGlimpse.

The second half of our day involved splitting up into groups and exploring new areas of the city. Some of the groups went to Nativa for lunch where they enjoyed another authentic Ecuadorian meal prepared by César, while others went to various restaurants throughout Riobamba that included the Crepe Café, Rockets, and other local diners #HamburgersAndFrenchFries. The rest of the afternoon was free for exploration. Some groups visited La Plaza Roja to admire the beautiful handiwork of local Cachan artisans, while others stopped by the Internet Café to make phone calls back home. What was most admirable about the local shops we visited was the time and dedication each vender put into his or her work. The vibrant colors of handmade work illuminates the city of Riobamba and highlights its beautiful culture. Between family-owned souvenir shops, diners, the train station and ice cream shops, the generosity and passion of the Ecuadorian people flourishes. Not only did we have the opportunity to discover new scenery of the place we have temporarily called home, but we were also given a chance to meet locals with remarkable stories, talent and passion for their city. After a long, adventurous day, we were glad to be served yet another delicious meal from our friend César. We then closed the evening with our nightly meeting, highlighting the compassion, courage, and commitment we observed in our peers throughout the day and provided advice for areas we can improve in leadership as a group. As a fun way to end the evening, we all gathered together in the common room to watch the movie, Big Hero 6.

Being leader on a day as open on a free day came with its own set of challenges, from dealing with Glimpsers eager to get out and explore the beautiful city of Ecuador to organizing ourselves to make sure no one was left behind. But having such a tough day taught us a valuable lesson about flexibility, especially when it applies to leadership. We had to roll with the punches and adapt the schedule as new developments arose, even if it meant frantically running through the halls to convey new information to Glimpsers. This ties back to a Ted Talk we watched the night before about the different zones of operation, the practice and performance zone, and how each one influences the other. Our experience during this exciting day provided valuable insight and practice to help us for the next time we must preform as leaders within our community. We are glad to have had this experience as leader on such a valuable day #TedTalks4Life.

Julio Garcia, Pritzker College Prep

Czar Carson, Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Leah Israel, Deerfield High School