“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

Greeeetings from20150610_160918 your host city Leon!!! We are Judith and Anni and we will be you Program Coordinators this summer in the historical city of Leon.

Leon is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua; it was one of the cities who was founded by the Spanish colonizers who built a lot of churches to Christianize Nicaragua. Later it was the very first “Capital de la revolucion”, after that a lot of political and historical murals spread out in León which makes it unique!

You will be living at the Hostal Leon images2Imperial during this summer and Don Alvaro the owner cannot wait to see you and to explain  you why he loves León!

Everyone is waiting for you to share their lives, their work and their studies with you and to also learn from you.

To make all this possible, take and give equally you just have to be open minded and to bring a lots of energy and positive attitude to Nicaragua!

So get 29ready for this amazing trip and for the experience that will change the rest of your life!!!

Judith y Anni