2015-06-11 17.16.58  IMG_5512

Yesterday was a really awesome and long day for everyone. It took us a little longer to get to San Juan but the kids and our GG staff made the day memorable and fun for everyone. I’m really proud of these kids.

Today we had an amazing tour of the city. We walked the whole city and although we are not used to the weather, the kids were eager to learn, explore and make the best of this experience. They learned about the history of the DR as well as about the history about San Juan. Then we met out amazing  ambassadors and it was an inspiring time learning from these fellow young people. We had an amazing welcome party at our amazing dining establishment. We had tons of fun with tons of laughter, smiles and wonderful memories being made at everyone moment.

Forgive the briefness of this post. We are still having technical problems with the internet and are currently posting from one of our GG staff’s phone.