Finally B1C is here! We were very excited to receive and welcome them at Santiago’s airport in the Dominican Republic. This time we had two very special guests welcoming the glimpsers: our youth ambassador captains, Brian and Henry, who help us and the glimpsers through this 16 days experience. After we all introduced each other and had some food, we headed to the wonderful city of Bonao which will be our home for the next 16 days.

When we arrived in the accommodation, La Fundación Nuevo Futuro (an orphanage), the glimpsers had some time to get to know the building better and they met Israel Cruz, who looks after 9 children and runs the place with his wife Margarita. We also got the opportunity to start getting to know each other more and we had some work….our first seminar! Also, we tried Dominican food for the first night, a delicious meal cooked by our provider, Licelot. We had our first Nightly Meeting followed by a well-deserved rest. More adventures to come…stay tuned.