After breakfast, we went straight to work in finding ways to help the community. We learned what the CAP project was. In summary, the Community Action Project ( CAP) pertains to volunteers addressing an issue the community faces. As volunteers, we decided to develop a sustainable plan for the IPHE school, which supports students with a variety of learning disabilities. We will work finishing classroom tables, paint/ remodel one of the classrooms and create three-dimensional shapes for students with Autism. These simple necessities made me realize that we are lucky to have the educational resources the government of Panama neglect to provide. Witnessing all the disabled children really gave us the determination to do our best in helping them. We got ready to tutor our English class to ELL students. We were all supposed to teach some of the students in the University of Panama some English in a way to also help the community. we were split into groups, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Some had fun tutoring while others found it challenging. One lesson everyone learned was to be more prepared. Almost everyone had an issue with preparing their lessons and dealing with the lack of students that attended the class. The most inspiring people we met today were the children from IPHE as their disability did not take away from their king hearts and sweet smiles. I would see some students with disabilities older than us or around our age and it really made me see them all as champions of life.

Being the lider del dia was extremely stressful. I am not an assertive person nor do I have a commanding voice so it was really hard to call for everyone’s attention. There were times when students didn’t listen to me or took me seriously because of how soft-spoken I am but at the end of the day, the Global Glimpse Leaders always had my back. I do think that I should’ve gained the confidence to make people take me seriously as a leader, but I will always keep working on that. All in all, I had lots of fun today and I’m excited for what’s to come.


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