Our last journey has just begun. B1D is finally here, I am so thrilled to have you here. For the arrival, there was María -Program Coordinator, Miguel -P rogram Manager, myself and we also had two very special guests welcoming the Glimpsers: Brian and Henry -our YAP captains. After we all introduced each other and had some food, we loaded the bus and headed from Santiago to Bonao with our amazing driver Javier, who is also a really big part of the Global Glimpse family.

About 60 minutes later we arrived at the accommodation, Fundación Nuevo Futuro, where we met our host: Israel Cruz, who runs the place along with his wife Margarita, they both also look after 9 children who live here. Later, María and I set up the very First Seminar where we explained the accommodation guidelines and rules. We also had the opportunity to start getting to know each other more, as soon as we started sharing with our Glimpsers and Global Glimpse Leaders, I felt the Positive Vibration and I knew that this trip will be awesome for everyone. My wish is that the Glimpsers can make wonderful lifetime memories, to have fun and to have an amazing life-changing experience that can prepare them to be the next generation of leaders. I am open to learn new things and enrich myself from this trip as well.

By the end of the night, we had an amazing dinner cooked by our food provider, Licelot. We had our first Nightly Meeting and check-ins followed by a well-deserved rest.


Welcome, once again!

Mi casa, tú casa.