Today was full of culture, music and dancing!!

Glimpsers and Youth Ambassadors


Yesterday morning we visited with Carmen in the city of Aguita, where we danced and listened to palos. Palos are large drums that originate from Africa; the practice of playing the palos has been present in the Dominican Republic since the arrival of enslaved African people. The playing of palos is still embedded in the current Dominican culture today. After, we visited Aguita de Olivorio Mateo where Esmerlin taught us about the religion of Santeria and water rituals.


Santeria Alter


It was followed by an afternoon of learning how to dance Bachata, Merengue, and Mangulina with Meineri. We sweated until we couldn’t sweat anymore! But now our arms, legs and hips move to the rhythm of the Dominican Republic!



We now understand that dancing and music transcends language barriers and connects us all!