And the first delegation of the summer finally arrived back home…

After spending extra time in Ecuador and traveling for multiple days, the RB1A GG Leaders and students had safely arrived in San Francisco, California on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022.  It was the adventure of a lifetime, and then some, as we traveled on four airplanes, had a layover in a bonus country (Panama!), and had flown from the east to the west coast to get back home.  Yes, it was as exhausting as it sounds but it was so truly worth it.  Thank goodness that we were one of the first trips because it may take us the entire summer to recover from all of this traveling!

As the last blog post of the delegation’s trip, we would love to shoutout the following groups of people and individuals that have made our safe journey back to our loved ones possible: The entire US Global Glimpse Team, Javier, Alex, Paco, Nacho, Lorena, and the rest of the Ecuador Global Glimpse staff.  Additionally, we would also love to shoutout La Primavera for taking care of us (as we returned each time unexpectedly), Isabelle of Roma Santa for making delicious food for us and bringing us boxed lunches at the airport (especially when we thought we were leaving), and Don Fernando for driving us throughout the entire trip (and making multiple trips to the airport for us…)

Thank you for our happy ending, and ultimately, for changing our lives in one of the most unique ways.  We will never forget your kindness, your sacrifices, your flexibility, your patience, your teamwork, and the time you spent to ensure our comfort, happiness, and most significantly, our safety during the trip.

Thank you to each and every one of you for giving us one of the most memorable experiences – I would say please do not forget about our delegation, but I know it will definitely be impossible to forget us as we made Global Glimpse history.

BIG LOVE to each one of you from the Bay Area in California, U.S.A,

Hannah Gradowski (Global Glimpse Leader)