Hello families, friends and loved ones,

We are excited to be posting our first in country blog from Riobamba, Ecuador. We have all made it safely to Hotel Mashany, and our hosts have been nothing but accommodating. After lunch we got to unwind and relax at the hostel a bit before getting a dance lesson in the back patio from one of the local dance schools. Jimena and her folklorico dance group taught some traditional Ecuadorian dances from different regions/provinces. The kids had a blast and really put themselves out there. They also had an opportunity to share some of their break dancing moves, and their Fortnight dance moves with the locals as they exchanged Poloroid photos.


We had a lovely dinner, in which we also celebrated the birthday of GGL Hailey in stunning Ecuadorian fashion. The nightly meeting was smooth and the kids were in great spirits, and after a long couple of travel days they are falling asleep pretty quickly. We are all looking forward to another great day together under our very first Liders del Dia Jacqueline and Julie. This trip is off to an excellent start! We’ll post again tomorrow.


Your GGL Team in Riobamba (Mari, Hailey, and Ryan)