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We woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and a stunning view of Quito. We were so impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm. Despite the minimal sleep, everyone was ready and rearing to go. A four hour bus ride later brought us to Riobamba, our home for the next two weeks! After a lovely lunch at the hotel we learned some of the indigenous dances of Ecuador, including the Sanjuanito and the Capischa. Everyone dove right in and had a great time! It was a perfect way to kick off (no pun intended) our stay in Riobamba.

In our first seminar of the trip, the Glimpsers learned about being a Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day), an opportunity they will each have at some point during our trip. One of the responsibilities of the LDD will be to write the day’s blog post. So you can look forward to hearing directly from the Glimpsers starting tomorrow! Thank you for your comments. Keep them coming! We will share them with the students in the morning.