Today was our last day working on the Cap project at Mujeres Ambientalistas. Doña Augustina and Doña Itzayana, founders of Mujeres Ambientalistas, were very grateful that we brought their garden of life back to life. They definitely had a positive impact on our lives, as well. Working together as a global glimpse family has made our bond stronger and our work at the garden more satisfying. We learned many lessons from working with  the community, as well. We learned how teamwork makes the dream come to life. When designing, planning, and executing ( 3 D’s Discover, Design, Deliver) this project, we knew that we wanted our ideas to come to life but we also realized that we couldn’t do it alone. We all needed support and guidance to make it through all the challenges we faced. We looked towards each other for the answers. One thing that will always stick with us is how grateful Doña Augustina and Doña Itzayana were when we finished their garden. They were saying how thankful they were that a group like us came and worked with them. We were also thankful for them because they let us turn their garden into a green paradise, despite the setbacks we faced. Out of all our activities, Global Glimpse E2A was most proud of the work we put into el Jardín de la Vida. Doña Augustina and Doña Itzayana were the most influential people we’ve met because they turned a city dump into a paper recycling center, where kids can come and make paper out of compost and recycled paper. They told us the story of how they saw the negative effects of the city dump on the community and knew it needed to change. Being the leaders of the day had it challenges but when dealing with this group, they made it very easy. We just had to keep in mind that we needed to be confident, in order to get others’ attention. We learned that when leading a group of friends, we have to set positive examples, and keep them motivated to finish el Jardín de la Vida. We also learned that you can get work done most efficiently when working with a group. At the end of day, the most important thing was to remember that everyone is a garden and we help each other back to life. imageimageimage