Hola Padres,

Today was our second day at Cielo del Pacifico, the beautiful beach campsite! Our day began with a light breakfast of bread and eggs. Soon after, we boarded the bus and headed towards Rancho Mila, a permaculture farm filled with luscious plants, fruits, and vegetables. The owners, Oti and Brunela, provided us with a new perspective on agriculture. They tend the vegetation on their land, spanning around 300 hectares, in order to create a self-sustaining system in which the natural ecosystem thrives. At around noon they invited us to eat some handmade cheese with rosemary alongside some peanuts, all made on their farm. We soon left to come back to our campsite, where we ate a delicious course of shrimp fried rice and swam in the beautiful ocean next to scenic mountains. A couple hours later, we participated in a waste workshop, which consisted of picking up trash along the beach and a presentation regarding statistics concerning global waste production and how to reduce it, as well as how to make more conscious choices regarding our trash-related habits. We then had an amazing dinner compiled of rice, chicken, and noodles with grapefruit juice, followed by a discussion about what inspires us to have hope for the future of environmental sustainability, and how our perspective on something during this week has evolved or expanded. We are now on our way to a group bonfire, and are excited to enjoy some s’mores!

Con cariño,
Erika & Lexon