Today was a wonderful and productive day  for all Global Glimpsers. As you can probably tell from the title we went to the beach but before we went to the beach we learnes a little history of very special stones of the Republica de Domincana, larimar stones. I am Dominican and have been visiting family in the DR since I was a little kid and I have never heard of these amazing larimar stones. Larimar are stones beautiful blue minerals that are made from volcanic magma that never erupted and is mixed with sulfur and coal. Theses stones are found in the ocean but need to be polished. It was explained to us by Maria and Sesa, a couple that has been creating jewelry and souvenirs that  larimar stones also  protects you from harm when it is directly touching your skin. Other then learning some history we got to pick our own larimar and craft it. After we were done with making choosing, crafting and polishing our very own larimar stones we went to a beach named “el quemaito” , which is a rock beach it did not have any sand and the name fits perfectly with it because I got a tan but other than that the locals are very nice and caring people. Today  was a great day.