“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie

This was our quote for the day, which showed us that we need to enjoy our self’s if we want to be successful in reaching our goals. Today as I was partners for the Leaders of the Day with Yesenia Arce, we awoke at 7am and had breakfast at 8am in the famous “Deja Vu” restaurant. At 9am we began a new journey in our lives traveling on the “Blue Bird” bus towards the beach, where we got the chance to go on a boat tour to view, appreciate, and learn new things about Mangroves! As our tour came to and end we stopped at a beach that also had an iguana reservation! I don’t think any one could enjoy a beach more than we did today! We splashed through the low tide and had a blast running from the waves! Afterwards we left our tour boast and headed to have lunch at noon at “La Playa Roca” restaurant. The restaurant offered with a extremely beautiful view of the ocean as fierce waves approached the shore. Soon after lunch (which was delicious!) many of my fellow Global Glimpses played volleyball and went to enjoy the ocean once again. The day was full of slat water and laughter. After our awesome time at the beach, 24 sets of very sandy feet bordered the “Blue Bird” and headed back to the hostel for showers and a diner at the one and only “Deja Vu”. Tonight we are relaxing, planning English lessons for next week, and some of us still trying to get the sand off our feet! Tomorrow is FREE DAY! I am looking forward to getting to know Leon better 🙂