Today was FUN DAY in Guayacanes, DR!!! We went to a beautiful beach. Many of us swam and enjoyed the blue waters of Playa Juan Dolio or tanned under the warming sun. On this day, we bought bracelets, scarfs, or wooden carved trinket souveniers (we even got to buy ice cream :p).

After, returning from the beach (back to Villas del Rey Juan Dolio), we ate lunch, washed up, and prepared for our long journey back to La Salle, our home away from home. We hit some heavy traffic but we were able to see incredible views and sing along together to the radio. We were exhausted when we arrived home but we were very satisfied with our super fun day.

Shout out Mommy, Dad, and Jessica, missing y’all so much!!! Love you guys!

Shout out to my loved ones, I can’t wait to tell you guys about my adventures in the DR. I miss you guys so much.