Sooo, Day 18 July 16, 2013 was beach day. First we woke up at 7:20 because breakfast was at 7:50. After breakfast we took our bus to the man groves!!! At the man groves we went on three boats through the river of the man groves. It was an amazing sight to see and a wonderful exprience. We took lots of pictures. During the ride of the man groves we saw crabs, fish, birds and beautiful trees. There was a beach spot were we had lunch, it was a beautiful sight and place to have lunch. After lunch  we took the boats back through the man groves to shore where we were able to go to the beach which was about two minutes away. At the beach some of us played pool, got into the water, had burgers and smoothies and relaxed. It was very engaging and exiciting day to have as a last bonding fun day. We stayed at the beach for about 5 hours. After we went to Rancho Los Aples, and there we had dinner and our nightly meeeting around a campfire which was amazing. After the nightly meeting we made smores!! yummmmm! We actually camped in tents at Rancho Los Aples ! With that being said, this day was perfect. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and im happy they did!!