Today marks the last day of our trip in Nicaragua. As the leader, I was given the name of “Joker” because I do a reasonably great impression of the Joker from Batman. An Important part of today was our final reflection seminar; it was a very emotional and interesting part of the day. Everyone was shocked that it was almost three hours long and that we would be doing things we usually do in our Nightly-meetings but with a major twist to them. Honestly everyone was surprisingly calm and reflective compared to our other seminars but what interested me the most was when we had to do “big love.” We had to each write our names on a piece of paper and pass them around only getting thirty seconds to write something we liked or felt about said person whose name was written on the paper.  It was shocking how easy we could just write things about each other and it felt like we knew one another for years.

What made me proud was that we all are there for each other no matter what, if one of us is feeling blue everyone asks is that person ok or if they need anything.  Someone who inspired me today was Justin he helped me keep my composure when I was feeling frustrated from being leader of the day.

Being the leader of the day showed me that one has a lot of responsibility for everyone.  At times, it was pretty easy, but other times certain parts of the day were frustrating because everyone wouldn’t get together for the nightly meeting and it was supposed to be twenty minutes long but instead took almost an hour to finish. Anyway, to sum it all up I learned that I have to be more tolerant and patient with people.

To all the parents, enjoy your Wednesday. Your trouble-makers will be home soon.

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