Hello Glimpsers!!

 Welcome to the Global Glimpse summer leadership program in Leon, Nicaragua!!!  We are so excited to have all of you as part of our group this year.  Over the last few months, you have prepared for your trip to Nicaragua with your fellow students and Global Glimpse Leaders.  It probably all seemed like a distant dream, but your arrival date is approaching and this trip will become very real!  You are about to embark on a life-changing adventure in a unique and foreign land.

 As your coordinators in Leon, we want to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about the program.  We have thoughtfully designed a program that we know you will love!  Every day you will have the opportunity to interact with locals and learn something new, whether it be making traditional clay pots or spending the day with a rural family in their home. Our contacts have inspired us, which is why we are sharing them with you!

 Now for a little bit about ourselves:

Vanessa studied international studies and political science at the University of Oregon.  She moved down to Central America in 2011 to work with various development organizations.  Some of her favorite activities include outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking, reading, running and yoga. This will be her second year working with Global Glimpse and she cannot wait to meet all of you!

Karen is studying Industrial Engineering. She enjoys watching documentaries and learning new things. She is currently learning how to play the guitar, her progress has been a little slow but she is being positive about it. She also enjoys adventures and loves nature; Camping, climbing, hiking or anything that is surrounded by trees, fresh air and tranquility. This is her first year working with Global Glimpse.  She is excited about the program and looking forward to starting this wonderful adventure soon.

We will have plenty of time to share more about ourselves and learn more about you on the trip!

One last thing we would like you to think about and remember.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams

We are looking forward to our upcoming adventure with you and we applaud you on stepping out of your comfort zone and traveling to a developing country.  Throughout your three-weeks in Nicaragua, we hope that you continue to be the inspiring leaders that are held within each and every one of you.

If you have any questions or concerns for us, feel free to write us a message!

See you soon!

Vanessa and Karen