Hey everyone! Saludos desde Bahía!
We are eager and excited to spend a week alongside you all, full of good hard work and lots of new adventures. Bahía de Caráquez is a coastal city uniquely located where the freshwater Río Chone flows from the Andes Mountains, and mixes with the Pacific Ocean. This estuary ecosystem along with the Tropical Dry Forest that surrounds Bahía create a compelling story of the city’s successes and struggles with environmental, social, and cultural events. We are excited to invite you all to learn more about this unique City and the local youth leaders, like you, behind the Eco Club movement. Read on to learn more about your trip leaders and in-country team for this week, and some tips and tricks for making your time here a breeze!

As pictured: Bahia team Marcelo, Maya, David, Cecilia, Kenneth, and some of our Eco-club students!

About Us: Your Trip Leaders
Maya – I first traveled to Bahía with GSE as a student in 2010, and have been in love with Bahia’s magic ever since. Bay Area raised, and UCSB graduated, I bring with me to Ecuador my obsession with all things environmental, my love for travel, and my belief in the importance of experiential education. I am excited to return for my fourth trip to Bahia, and a second season working with local and foreign EcoClub students, and can’t wait to learn alongside you all this season!
Kenneth – After my first experience traveling with GSE in 2014, I was inspired by the local students of Bahía and discovered my desire to teach in an intercultural setting. After four years at UC Davis, I’m back in Bahia again, but this time as a trip leader. I am excited to use my experience to not only get everyone stoked about the environment and sustainability but to also help cultivate meaningful connections between Ecoclub students!



PACKING Reminders!

  • Raincoat —> Ecuador has entered the rainy season, and it will most likely rain when you are here. Please bring a rain-jacket or poncho.
  • Work gloves —> If you have garden gloves, please bring them as they are necessary to participate in our work days!
  • “Sleep sack” —> We will spend a portion of the trip camping. A blanket/thin sleeping bag is required (“sleep sack” = a bed sheet folded in half, and sewn together).
  • Sunscreen, hats and bug spray —> The UV strength at the Equator is more intense than in CA, and the sun is much stronger during this time of year. Protect yourself from dehydration, burns + bites!
  • Work shoes (closed-toed, good walking shoes – keep in mind there is lots of mud during this season) and sandals for the beach!
  • Notebook/journal  —> This trip includes lots of learning and reflection – we highly recommend you bring a journal to document your experiences!
So excited to meet you all shortly!
Hasta pronto,
EcoClub Bahía