Hey everyone! Saludos desde Bahía!

We are eager and excited to spend a week alongside you all, full of good hard work and lots of new adventures. While in Bahia you will be working alongside them in different projects in schools and communities, building garden beds, compost bins, planting natural fences, painting murals and having much fun in the process.

You will also be spending time learning and reflecting through your experiences here with this history and culture of Bahia, covering themes such as leadership, community, waste management and soil.

Ceci David and I (Kenneth) will be your main exchange coordinators this trip.  Ceci is really passionate about environmental education and really believes in teaching by doing. She has been working with the ecoclubs for 4 years and has learned a lot from the students during this time. David loves sharing stories, many of them are fun, some of them are random, but very often he will be trying to teach you something through them. He loves working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. For me, after my first experience traveling with GSE in 2014, I was inspired by the local students of Bahía and discovered my desire to teach in an intercultural setting. Now I’m back in Bahia again, but this time as a trip leader. I am excited to use my experience to not only get everyone stoked about the environment and sustainability but to also help cultivate meaningful connections between Ecoclub students!


As pictured: Bahia team Marcelo, Maya, David, Cecilia, Kenneth, and some of our Eco-club students!