After two long days of travel, we are all finally settled down in our gorgeous hotel for the next 2 weeks. We have had a very warm welcome from our PCs Marco and Margarita – they’ve truly made us feel at home!

We woke up early this morning in Quito and then headed out on a long, but beautiful, bus journey to Guaranda.  Not only did we have a pretty amazing soundtrack made by Marco, but we also learned that Asha looooooves bus rides!  We even drove past Chimborazo, a volcano we will be exploring later in our journey!

After we settled into our hotel with our assigned roommates, and met our gracious hosts, we headed off to have lunch at a restaurant just a short walk away.  This delicious meal was followed by a welcome orientation in which we were all reminded of the rules, expectations, and protocols.  Glimpsers then met with us one-on-one to make sure everyone was feeling comfortable – so far so good!  In fact Kieran and Ellery gave us quite a laugh, they seem to have a great sense of humor. While we got ourselves organized, Glimpsers initiated their own card games, including a makeshift, very energetic, game of spoons. We have had yet another great meal and our first nightly meeting – success!

We are really excited to continue to get to know the students – you (parents and guardians) seem to have raised really great young people who are already exhibiting amazing leadership skills. They are respectful, compassionate, and enthusiastic and we are so looking forward to experiencing the next few weeks with each of them!


Kate and Emily

P.S. Please leave comments for your Glimpser in the comments, we will read it to them and we know its something they really look forward to 🙂