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The Glimpsers arrived safely in Managua after a long but enjoyable day of traveling! Sarah beat the rest of the gang to Nicaragua, with the rest of the Glimpsers arriving at Augusto Cesar Sandino Airport at approximately 7pm. Global Glimpse coordinators, Mel and Bryan were eagerly waiting the Glimpsers, who were being proudly chaperoned from the US by Erik and Matt. After the rendezvous at Managua airport, bus driver Ismael helped us load the luggage and whisked us off to Hotel Los Felipes. The bus journey provided the Glimpsers with their first taste of Nicaragua, but on arriving to the hotel, they were treated to some comforting pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut – the wait for Nicaraguan cuisine would have to wait for the following day! Glimpsers rang home to tell their loved ones that all was ‘todo tuani’ (that means ‘cool’ for those not familiar with Nicaraguan expressions).’ It was then off to a well deserved night’s sleep. ‘Buenas noches.”