“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


Greetings from San Juan!

We are your in-country team, Urbe and Leonel and we can’t wait for you all to be here!! San Juan will be your hosting city so get ready to enjoy its beatiful plazas, parks and cozy corners. It is a family-based town full of kind and warm people and with a laid-back lifestyle. You will also get to enjoy the stunning views of the sorrounding mountains. San Juan is also known as “the southern barn” because it is one of the biggest agricultural areas in the country. So you will be able to enjoy fresh and tasty food right from the ground!

For three weeks you will be part of the Dominican life, with its amazing weather and vivid culture full of color, variety and rythms. We have planned for you an itenerary full of different activities that will let you explore the reality in this country through different perspectives.

Please carefully revise the packing list that Global Glimpse has provided you with. For cultural reasons and proximity to the border with Haiti we ask students NOT to bring any military-print clothing. Thank you! Now pack your belongings and don’t forget to bring your energy and enthusiam! We are very excited to meet you all and can’t wait to start off this amazing experience!