Today was our Free Day, a day where the glimpsers could sleep in and enjoy the day. My morning started off with a wonderful sore throat, beautifully bad cough, and a delightfully runny nose. In between rubbing my eyes and blowing my nose, I woke up the other glimpsers. Today being our Free Day, the glimpsers could wake up any time between 8:00a and 9:45a, so we had a lot of energy to annoy the locals with our loud laughing. We had a lot of time to just talk to each other during breakfast and play card games like “Big Hands”, a game that a fellow glimpser and his friends created. Time flew by while we were playing “Big Hands” and soon lunch was right around the corner. Being LDD during lunch was a difficult, because it hard for me to get the attention of my peers. My throat was hurting due to catching my roommate’s cold because we held hands through our mosquito nets; but I did it and lunch was delicious (per usual).


Explore time came and all the groups went out with the Youth Ambassadors. I have gotten really close with my Youth Ambassador, Adrian. During our time together I have learned a lot about his family, his likes and dislikes, and what he is studying at University.  For instance, he likes wearing running shoes like Vans but hates Jordans and loves playing volleyball. While walking out in the hustle and bustle of San Juan, the glimpsers split up into groups and continued to explore the city based on their interests. Some people went to the internet café, others went to the stadium, and some of the girls got their nails done and went shopping. The group I was in decided to first go to the local Carnival, where we got to ride the swings and purchased some gifts for our friends and family back home. After a lot of shopping for clothes and gifts we headed to the stadium, a place where the youth in the community of San Juan play sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. After returning from our tiring afternoon out, we wrote appreciation letters for our wonderful Global Glimpse donors who make this program possible.


Overall, being the LDD was tough for me personally; I was really struggling with being sick and I was paranoid about doing a good job at being the LDD. The biggest challenge I faced was mainly trying to keep people on task and trying keep things flowing throughout the day. Calling our family towards the end of our day was a highlight for me and for many of our glimpsers, who needed to hear our families voices to reenergize us our last 5 days.


Bbbyyyeee!!! See you guys in 5 days!!!!!!!