In line with today’s mission of learning about and appreciating Jinotega’s culture, Luz Marina, Aura, Kenya, and the other ladies of the women’s cooperative, Ceramica Negra, taught us about the tradition of gathering, processing, molding, and firing clay in a way that renders it black.

The women of Ceramica Negra also taught us how to make ojaldra, a masa-based cheese bread that can be enjoyed sweet or savory.  Before heading back to the hotel, we bought some of the ladies’ wares, and chatted a bit with the artisans, who were patient as some of us stumbled through our not-so-fluent Spanish.  Ellas son muy amables!

Later on, Javier escorted students to the supermarket, where they were able to exchange money, and buy toiletries and snacks

After eating a filling lunch and getting a few minutes of rest, we watched as Tierra de Bruma’s dancers performed some of Jinotega’s traditional dances.  Ara and her crew taught us the moves, step-by-step, before taking us through the entire combination.  Uno, dos, tres!  Uno, dos, tres!

Tonight, the Lider Del Dia (LDD or ELDD) baton was passed to Melanie, who’s off to a good start as student leader.  You’ll hear more from her when she posts tomorrow’s blog.

Good night,

P.S., Four Fotografos Del Dia (FDD) visually captured the day, and the students voted on a single image to be featured on tonight’s blog.  That picture, along with other shots they took, will be posted when if and when some technical issues are resolved.  Stay tuned.