Hello! Today´s LLDS ‘(leaders of the day) are two of our three Global Glimpse Leaders Caitlin and Matt!

Today was culture day here in the D.R.! We explored various cultural traditions here in Bonao such as traditional wood carving national dances, fitting as many people as possible onto a tour bus, and carnaval floats.

For wood carving, we spent some time with Delbi, a local artist that has mastered the art of traditional relief wood carvings. Ask your glimpsers to see their own attempts at this craft! We persevered through learning how to use new tools, and how to manage the rhythm needed to properly carve wood off of the relief.

After that, we had a wonderful lunch by our amazing cook Licelot, who made us yellow rice and corn, pasta salad, and pork with chayote, a type of vegetable that tastes like a zucchini potato. Once properly fueled, we went to dance class! We learned how to dance the Merengue, and the Bachata both alone and with partners! We learned how to cultivate our tumbao, once is loosely translated to dance spirit, or the rhythm in your heart.

Our final cultural activity was going to the workshop of a carnaval puppet and float designer, who uses his designs to make political statements about the local government. We were treated another surprise dance party with local kids in crazy costumes!

Finally, this evening, we met the groups that we will be teaching English to for the next few weeks, and had time to start planning our first English lessons. Overall, we had a full day of culture, fun, and getting to know each other better!