Hey Families wassup! Leaders of day numero 6 were Julia, Rohini, and Valeria!

Today´s theme was living like a local. Our schedule for today´s theme included waking up early, taking bucket baths, no electricity, no fans, and no spending money. The intent behind these challenges were to get a GLIMPSE of the different aspects of poverty that some people in the Dominican Republic and other parts of the world experience on a daily basis.

The day before heading out to the wonderful Bejuco Aplastado (squashed vine) community, we learned about specific statistics relating to poverty and the people who experience and are deeply affected by it. The day of, we all woke up with low spirits and tired bodies, but as soon as we arrived at the community, we were immediately embraced with wide and open arms filled with love and acceptance. This type of response alleviated our spirits. We were all split up into separate groups that went to their respective community members houses to learn about their daily lives and their personal experiences.

All in all, throughout our hours of sunshine with the beautiful people in this beautiful land, we built beautiful bonds,our minds grew so much, and we found pieces of our heart that have been hidden for awhile. The genuine nature of the people and how content they were led us to the realization that, contrary to popular belief, happiness is not defined by climbing the social ladder or wealth, but rather by the love that you radiate and spread to the people that you love. It´s fair enough to say that each and every one of us discovered that everything we touch has value and the services and resources we have should never be taken for granted. Today was not just to show us how people live in poverty and how privileged we are but instead the locals showed us how happiness truly is more than just material things; you can have happiness and peace within yourselves, your family and community. With all that said, many thanks go out to the community members for opening our eyes, our mind, and our hearts.

P.s. Families, you should toot your kids horns, as today truly felt like a turning point in our lives where we grew so much as humans and we found true power in our thoughts and voices. We are all a big family now and we all send greetings to you all.

P.P.S. Tomorrow, we will be calling you all in the morning so look out for our call!! We miss you all and we are all doing fantastic, so do not worry!

SHOUTOUTS ¨To Nanna, Amma, and Anna, I love you all so so so much and I am learning so much about the world. Thank you for supporting me through this experience, I love you, and I will call you tomorrow (Rohini)

Hey family, im doing amazing and am blooming into a marvelous flower, te quiero mucho (La Chaparra)

Shout out to Oak Town! Hey Mommy, Grandma, and Jordan. Te amo. Shout out to Michelle Obama as well!

Big Love,

Julia, Rohini, and Valeria