¡Buenas tardes amigos!

Today we all had a very powerful experience that won’t soon leave our minds, and most importantly, our hearts. This delegation had the honor to visit a community named Batey Palavé. This community consists of Dominicans of Haitian descent, who face discrimination everyday due to the historical tensions between the two countries. We were graciously received by two organizations by the name of IMAGINE and UJEDO (both focus on providing aid to immigrant communities) and by the community itself. We felt we walked into open arms and warm smiles, ready to receive us and share their love and gratitude as much as they possibly could.

We heard stories from the locals and were able to tour the city, which is similar to Bonao, but still had its Haitian influence. The delegation enjoyed a traditional Haitian cuisine, which included rice, beans, fish, dumplings, and other meats. After the meal, it was time to enjoy time with the locals, and boy did we have a BLAST! We had a puzzle that got most of the people involved and really excited about. We played Global Glimpse games that they really enjoyed. It was so meaningful to see the generosity of the community and to feel like we are all one family. We truly all felt their love and compassionate spirits being with them and learning more with them. We honestly didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately all good things come to an end.

With our spirits high and our stomachs full, we headed home to further reflect on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can’t wait to share our individual experiences when we get home.

¡Adiós! Hasta mañana.

P.S. We had fries, chicken tenders, and Coca-cola for dinner. It was a little taste from home. 🙂