The clock struck 6:00 am, the earliest the Global G’s have ever woken up on the entire trip. Why did we wake up that early? Well, today was the program’s renowned “Work like a Local Day”! During this time, we simulated the locals’ daily routine. Starting from waking up early to the calling of roosters, eating a quick breakfast, and dashing to La Federacion de Campesino for work.

Upon our arrival, we expected to work immediately; however we were surprised when we were notified that our task was not set up yet. Instead, we luxuriously relaxed with a freshly brewed cup of Dominican coffee, and played Pterodactyl and the Wah Game. Our constant laughter, while playing the game helped pave the way for a positive mindset. After the relaxation period, we gathered our tools and hiked on the trail to our work site. The natural foliage of the tropical forest made every moment together worthwhile. By the time we came to our work site, we stumbled upon a broken bridge. Our task was to tear down the bridge and rebuild it from the scraps of the old pieces of wood. We split into two groups, one creating a path and another reconstructing the bridge. Our worksite was surrounded by a river that only runs down the hill during the rain, insects in various sizes, and unstable rocks everywhere. We speak for the majority of the Global G’s, when we say we have a serious fear of spiders. On the positive side, we all overcame our fear and made it out ALIVE! After two, long enduring hours of manual labor, we accomplished Esteban’s (Federacion President) long envisioning goal of rebuilding the bridge and creating a clean path to the bridge. Together this bridge represented our new found friendship with the Federacion. After working in the forest, we returned to the bamboo common area to eat la bandera, fried plantains, and passion fruit juice. Everyone loved the savory, soft sweetness of the fried plantains. Then we met with one of the skilled bamboo crafters to buy our little trinkets and coffee. When we come back home, we hope you will enjoy the indigenous souvenirs we bought for you.


Over the course of this trip, we have also taken part in the Community Action Project (CAP). Through our interviews prior to this day, we concluded that the vegetable garden and rabbit pens were best suited for the needs of the community. The two of us, as Los Liders Del Dia, introduced the project on behalf of the Global G’s. Our vision as a group is to build a rabbit sanctuary, in order for the community to make profit from the rabbits. Furthermore, a vegetable garden to help support the community in feeding the local residents and rabbits. The community responded with their full support, which helped fuel our determination with this project. Then, we visited the site of the “soon to be” rabbit sanctuary, but we were cut short by the thunder roaring skies. After a few minutes, rain came pouring down on us as we ran for our lives to the bus. (Thankfully my mom packed my umbrella, so I leisurely walked to the bus. Thanks Mom! {Jason}) After an exhausting day, we returned back to our home and enjoyed time to ourselves. When supper came around, we all had a monstrous craving for another one of Licelot’s homemade meals. Nothing warms a person up better than soul food. She made us fried chicken and it was truly AMAZING.


Even though all days must come to an end, it was fulfilling to have taken a small step into the shoes of a local resident in the Dominican Republic. Seeing our entire group learn and flourish from these experiences will always be greatly treasured. We are beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity of being Los Liders Del Dia.