Today was the last day of the Glimspers from the Bay Area and New York!!

It was not an early rising like the rest of the days. Today was the final reflection day. During breakfast we did a last seminar about human rights. We discussed the Convention on the rights of the child. So the Gimpsers could make the connection between the universal rights of the child and compare these with the situation back in the USA and the situation they saw during their trip. The conditions for example in the community, the dump, the CAP project, the school and the children in the streets. Although the rights are ratified by all countries (except one) the practice is different.

After this we started with the final reflection where they looked back on the whole traject. From their application to the final day in Nicaragua. This was a morning with laughter, tears, learning, etc. Especially during the open-mic there were a lot of laughs. After lunch the Glimpsers made a test of what they had learned in the past two weeks. Everybody passed this test. With Claire, Chelsey, Mariko and Yazmine as the winners of beautiful prices. In the afternoon they had some free time to fill out the declaration forms for customs and to buy the last souvenirs and at five we left to Managua for the last dinner together.

It was an emotional goodbye at the airport when everybody went through customs. Goodbye to a very dedicated and enthousiast delegation!!!

Adios a todos!!