¡Mañana es el día que hemos esperado, grupo fabuloso!

In anticipation of our departure, I want to introduce myself to both students and parents who I may not have had the chance to meet or talk to yet.  I am so honored to be a Co-Leader of this delegation with Kenyatta Scott, and I know how many perspective-changing, exciting experiences are just ahead for all of us.


A little bit about me – I am a Spanish and Dance Teacher at Willow Glen High School in San José.  I grew up in the Bay Area and went to undergraduate at UCLA. (Go Bruins! National Baseball Champs!) While an undergrad, I was a camp counselor for 3 different camps, a student teacher, and an exchange student in a study abroad program in Santiago, Chile.  Traveling to South America opened my mind to change and possibility, so I continued to travel to more Spanish-speaking countries after – Argentina, Uruguay, México, Spain, Costa Rica.  I feel fulfilled and enriched by the experiences I have and the people and cultures I get to know.  I hope you all get to feel the same in Nicaragua!


Dance is my passion, and I coach the Dance Team at Willow Glen.  I love hip hop, jazz/contemporary, ballet, African, salsa/tango, and more! Bryan and Mel, our coordinators, even offered to seek out dance lessons we could take in Estelí if you are interested!


Parents – please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions leading up to or during the trip.  I hope you enjoy all the blog posts as they come!


¡Buen viaje! Wishing our whole group happy and safe travels!

Heredia, Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica