Greetings Families,

Welcome to our blog! Today the Glimpsers woke up early to have breakfast at Roma Santa. Soon after, we headed straight to Utopia to execute our very first CAP Day 1 Activity! We split up into different amount of groups and had different roles to fulfill. Many of us had the opportunity to sand the shelves as well as stain them with thinner. The PR team (other Glimpsers), who did not participate in the sanding, had the opportunity to work on the Logo for Utopia. We had the rest of the Glimpsers beautifully execute some signs for the stands/shelves so it can be labeled. After CAP Day 1 we did our transition to Tutoring and had a wonderful time with the children. Towards the end of the tutoring session, we were sad to hear that the children were really upset because they were informed that tomorrow (Friday July 27th, 2018) we will have our last tutoring class. 🙁 We had a very eventful day and ere glad to spend it bonding through activities and projects. Today we also had a Glimpser whose birthday was today, and her name was Amanda! We celebrated it with music and cake at dinner tonight and spent some nice quality time with everyone. That concludes our Blog for tonight, tomorrow you will be hearing from Claire and Michael on our 2nd CAP Day execution! Thank you for checking in and please enjoy the pictures provided based on the day 🙂 !

Warm Regards,

Asia and Haylin