Hello family and friends!! Today was our first day of working on the Community Action Project (C.A.P.) with a local organization in San Ramon, Las Mujeres Del Plomo. This morning, everyone woke up at 6:45 am and had a very healthy breakfast consisting of fruits and yogurt. Then we prepared for our presentation to the women of Mujeres Del Plomo which explained our C.A.P in detail with the help of  our wonderful Marc Anthony Pastor Nuila Manzanal Pineda De La Torre who acted as the translator. Our C.A.P consists of painting the interior walls a lighter color in order to brighten the room and staining the wood fence, benches, and tables in order to protect it from rain or insect. In addition to these projects, we are also building shelves for them to display their jewelry and one sign in front of the highway and shop. After the presentation, we split into groups to buy all the materials for the project. After eating a delicious lunch, we took our deluxe service bus to Mujeres Del Plomo, there we started painting and building our signs and shelves.

We were able to make such amazing progress in just a couple of hours by working together and supporting each other with our different projects. We split up into groups of four for each individual project, to get things done more efficiently. Since we’ve been living with each other and spending so much time together, we really vibe off of each other and work well together. This allows us to get a lot done but also have an amazing time while doing so. We all love to sing our favorite songs, so we sing a lot together, so of course a day of work was not a day without song. We sang while painting to pass the time and soon enough everyone started singing along too. We will be working on our C.A.P. project for the next two days and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.

Its crazy to think we’re in our last week of this trip, but I know that we’ve all had an amazing time and will continue to have a blast until the end of our journey.


Here, is Jasmine and Claire paining the accent wall inside the shop while singing Burnin’ Up by Jonas Brothers 🙂


In this photo, we have Will and Nelly working hard on the sign for the highway.


Chelsea, our awesome PC was able to capture Selena, J-Kao, Meg, Corey, Mason, and our other awesome PC Denis sanding the for our project.

P.S Hey Ama Pala and Wangmo miss you and love you guys so much hope everything is good at home.

ALSO Hey Michelle, Bob, Anna (my favorite Fox) Becky is doing great I’m making sure she keeps her pee light