Today, the group visited Soppexcca in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

When they say Nicaraguan coffee is good, they are not joking. It’s been a while since I drank coffee, but that cafe helado I had this morning was tastier than the Starbucks at home!

Anyways, Soppexcca is a cooperative that produces both coffee and chocolate. Haiti, Ever, and Harris were three of four co-owners who took the time out of their free day just to show us the making of chocolate. They spoke in only positive terms about their jobs, and it brings a good light to fair trade. They are paid equally, and some even have family members working there to stabilize their futures.

Leonard, a barrista, is one of these people! His father was one of the coffee producers, so training and the like was easy to attain. He seemed to enjoy what he was doing, especially when presenting his profession.

At Soppexcca, the group and I met David, a foreigner from Luxemburg who speaks English, Spanish, and French! Wow, I want to learn that many languages! I really admired the way he translated everything the group needed, to really understand everything.  I was impressed at how easily it seemed to come to him, and I hope I’ll be able to do the same thing someday.

In the end, being El Lider Del Dia, was a little nerve racking especially the night before. I accidentally woke up at five thirty in the morning thinking it was six thirty. Luckily, I didn’t wake anyone up at that ungodly hour, and the rest of the day went by smoothly. I got used to the attention and even came to enjoy standing center stage.

I’m glad I volunteered first. I got it out of the way, and I don’t regret the experience.